I finished @patrickrhone ’s For You last weekend. It didn’t take long; I finished it in a day, though I found myself lingering over some of the passages.

Rhone’s daughter is a lucky kid to have Patrick as a father. This is a wise, encouraging, grounded collection of insights that speak to the reader as a gentle, understanding and firm parent speaking to a daughter. It’s never condescending, and you get the sense that his daughter will roll her eyes at some of it the way a smart oh-so-sure kid does, but it rewards revisiting. If some passage doesn’t make sense or doesn’t apply yet, Patrick’s words will be there, without judgement, ready to counsel when she, or the reader, needs to hear them.

I don’t think this work needs addition or commentary. It stands alone, and meshes in well with other advice books. I did make one note, a comment to the end of “You are the star”:

And if you find yourself making yourself the protagonist in ways that force others to be extras in theirs, reexamine what you’re doing. That’s a sign of fear, not joy. Look at what that fear is, so you can be an even better protagonist.

If you want the context, you’ll have to get the book. It’s out now, it’s inexpensive, and it’s the work of a weekend day with some reflection time to enjoy. 📚