• Give this episode of RadioLab a listen. What a moving moment of dealing with grief between two strangers.

  • Just finished Les Vampires. It’s fantastic - the pacing, the plot twists, any time Musidora is on stage. This film series originated many of the tropes we see in modern thrillers. It still holds its own!

  • They bought a blender. Three weeks later, their cats continue to hold it hostage.

    People frequently ask why the couple doesn’t just take the cats off the box. These are clearly dog owners. This is not how cats work.

  • Signal boosting for trans and nb people and allies: Free downloadable binder pattern - Ureshii Design Feel free to use, share, make and enjoy!

  • A stomach bug is my least favorite way of spending a day off. Here’s to hoping the worst is over

  • Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, and happy Saturday to those who don’t! It’s icy out there, so I’m staying indoors with a Lego Fireplace.

  • I’m having a rough day at work, and vented to a friend and coworker on (non-work) messaging.

    She replied by coming over, offering me chocolates, and listening to me for a few minutes!

    Friends like her make the job worthwhile.

  • I’d be enjoying Ikigai more if it didn’t fetishize Japan so much. The authors build it up as this magical land of joyous focus taught from birth. I’ve no doubt the culture there encourages it, but it feels more like a caricature put on a pedestal than anything organic and natural. 📚

  • Nick Cave on Love

    The Red Hand Files - ‘I’m 17 years old, what can you tell me about love?’

    Just one bit from a heartbreakingly tender, earnest and poetic call to live in love:

    You will discover that love, radical love, is a kind of supercharged aliveness, and all that is of true value in the world is animated by it. And, yes, heartache awaits love’s end, but you find in time that this too is a gift — this little death — from which you are reborn, time and again. I have only one piece of advice for you both, and it is the very best that I can give. Love. The world is waiting.

    I’ll add nothing; saying more would distract from the beauty of his words.

  • Tonight would be an excellent night for a rainy evening walk. If only I hadn’t spent several hours with my friend K over dinner, beer and dessert. All I want to do now is sleep.

  • Measuring out my sanity.

    (Originally posted years ago on another platform.)

  • Yesterday I did nothing but read, order pizza and nurse a pint.

    Today, amidst neglected chores, I saw my friend perform in choir for the first time since the pandemic. I just returned from an after performance dinner.

    I feel safe in saying this weekend has gone perfectly!

  • I had an evening resuming my love of beer and conversation with a good friend. We could have talked all night. It’s like rediscovering a song that grabs you slightly differently but just as strongly.

  • Blogging is excruciating.

    I think of blogging the way I think of performing on stage, or giving a presentation. It highlights my vulnerability and inadequacies, bringing to mind every cringe-inducing memory of failure.

    Eventually, I tire of even trying. I still challenge myself, but in private ways - books read, guitar chords learned, movies watched - and in less private ways - friendships maintained, performances attended, causes contributed to.

    Not so with giving a presentation, or performing on a stage. I remember when I danced on stage, once. My friend was giving a talk that was to end with dance performance, and she wanted her friends to help her with that dance. I jumped at the chance, thinking it would be a good story at the very least. We practiced together, I got my outfit set, and the day came. I felt tense, nervous, trapped. And I honestly have no memory of what came after - I’ve seen videos, but it’s a blank space in my memory. I disassociated from the actual event. It’s how I handled the fear.

    Blogging doesn’t allow this. I must be present to blog; writing words is a deliberate act that demands attention. But when I try, I feel the fear come up, with no way to escape it except to not do it.

    That’s where I’m at right now, with no resolution in sight and unsure of where to try next.

  • Ace - on being that kind of friend

    You know what the second I stopped saying “I wish I had a friend who-“ and started being “the friend who-“ my life has gotten 100% more fulfilling[.]

  • Before the hurricane, a concert with Brian McPherson! 🎵

  • Today’s Tom the Dancing Bug makes me feel seen.

  • Met this little guy on my way into the office this morning. 🐸

  • Who Owns My Name? Amanda Knox shouldn’t have to remind us of these facts. I hope this becomes the definitive change in the record.

  • I’ve never been one to collect pens, but I might make an exception for this: 🖋️


  • I feel awful, so I put on season two of The Handmaid’s Tale, which leaves me feeling awful for another reason.

  • These five panels explain ADHD so well. Not just what it’s like from the outside, but the inner experience of just. can’t. open. the. envelope. I feel seen… maybe a little too seen.

  • Ok, this is frightening: Antivax groups on FB are using codes to escape detection. It’s not an antivax group, it’s a dance group that doesn’t want to dance with Maxine, see? 🤦

  • About to watch a performance at FringePVD! 🎭🎪

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