• Now that it’s finally concluded, let the binging of Obi-Wan Kenobi begin!

  • “To Hell With Postivity” - Found on my walk home from a meetup last night.

  • My favorite local bakery/cafe just won recognition of its union! I hope it inspires more local businesses to organize. ✊

  • You’d think at least one booth at this pride event would have a decent bisexual bracelet.

  • 70° in the shade, birds chirping, waiting in a friend to take a walk with.

  • Who needs metal mounting brackets when you have velcro? Now I can mount and I mount my baskets at will in just a few minutes, no panniers required! 🤘🚲

  • Biking in a city isn’t so bad, once you get used to it. You may even find some elements to be the same as driving.

    For example, my ability to hit every. Single. Bloody. Red. Light.

  • Apple and MLS to present all MLS matches for 10 years, beginning in 2023 - Apple

    The joy of this will be watching my Apple detesting, MLS loving friends squirm upon learning this. ⚽️

  • Jurassic World Dominion: I suppose they had to wrap it up somehow. The biblical plot references and Tim Cook lookalike villain were a little too on the nose, though. ⭐️⭐️📽

  • (Delayed) Thoughts on the WWDC22 Keynote

    • I figured out what makes it seem more artificial and less authentic. Every other sentence has this attitude setting statement. “It’s so easy!” “Now watch how I do x - isn’t it amazing?” And it’s the same across all the speakers, the same buzzwords and cadence. It comes across less as genuine enthusiasm than the marketing team trying and failing to come across as authentically enthused. It’s telling instead of showing, and comes across as off putting instead of engaging.

    • Stage Manager seemed to harken back to the early days of OSX. It has that inventive playful feel, at least in the demo. I don’t think I’ll use it, though - it looks like it takes up way too much space on screen, and places artificial limitations on how to arrange windows. macOS already has a good system for this: Spaces. If they’d made that feature easier to access and more understandable instead of hidden in Mission Control, that would have been enough. (Also, this looks like the perfect use for the much maligned Touch Bar, which I’ve come to appreciate more and more.)

    • I do not want Carplay as my dashboard! That interface should be purely mechanical! I’d be happy with the ability to collect data from my car that I can give to my mechanic, like medical data could be shared with a doctor, and the ability to access the radio without having to exit CarPlay. Everything else, though? You’re one software crash away from not being able to use your car safely.

    • The M2 chips and the new hardware models sound fine. I’m a big believer in reusing computers, though, and think the M1 is fast enough for my own and most users needs.

    • The core Apple apps are playing catch-up, and they’re still in last place. That would be fine, if the release cycles weren’t so slow.

    • I’m most excited about focus modes and lockscreen improvements. They look like fun and useful improvements to how I use my devices, and could enable me to control my temptation to waste time on them.

    • Apple Pay Later sounds like something Steve Jobs would have fired someone over. I’m not happy with the idea of an Apple Card to begin with, but this? It sounds like a straightjacket trap for the mind.

  • Beer fans, help me: I love IPAs, but lately all the ones I’ve tried don’t do it for me. What kinds do you like? Alternatively, is there a style of beer you recommend I try instead of IPA? 🍺

  • Just woke up. As I’m lying in bed, in the silent morning, I say to myself, “Didn’t the forecast call for rain by now?” Exactly one second later, the deluge begins, like the clouds had to be reminded.

  • Craig Federighi shows the secret to being extra: be silly. #wwdc22

  • On my way to get lunch.

  • Today’s thought:

    It’s not the quiet ones you have to watch out for. It’s the ones who are made to be quiet.

  • Our Flag Means Death is my new queer happy place. It takes a few episodes to get moving, but once Blackbeard showed up, the ship Revenge became a place I didn’t want to leave. 📽🏴‍☠️

  • My friend is graduating! Jules worked their butt off to become a physical therapist, and is walking across the stage as I type this. So much has gone right for them this year, personally and professionally, and I’m so happy for them as a friend and a human being. They’ve worked hard, and now the rewards are coming in!

  • See an enticing event flyer on any surface. See the event is something I really want to go to. See the date is for this weekend, when I’m booked solid and out of the city. See me walk away dejected.

    Rinse and repeat.

  • My day is feeling like this pinball machine. Before I put any more quarters in, I’ll get some dinner and repair my body and mind with rest.

  • The people living in and renovating this house put a bubble machine on a roof, and every time I walk by it bring a smile to my face.

  • About to see Olafur Arnalds perform. I’ve been following his work for years; this is my first concert. He specifically requested the room at 70°F, and there’s a light fog in the auditorium. There’s an eclectic audience gathering. I feel like I’m with one of my tribes.

  • Reading 99 Erics, and thinking: if Julia Serrano hasn’t done The Moth Radio Hour, she really needs to! 📚

  • Doing what I’ve always wanted to do, part two: biked to the Amtrak station, to take the T into Boston, for the book club.

    It would be cheaper and easier in the immediate sense to take my car. You know what, though? I got some exercise and some fresh air, I’m working towards my goals, I’ll have time to read, and I can see what it’s like to bike Providence at night.

    Tomorrow, for the Olafur Arnulds concert, I’ll be driving in. That makes sense, I’ll be heading there from work. Today? I have a bike, a book, tea and music, and I’m heading to dinner with friends. What more could I want? 🚲📚🫖🎧

  • At my favorite cafe, and two college aged women are discussing and geeking out over the Marvel Cinematic Universe. My elder geek heart is full and happy!

  • May Photo Challenge: experimental. It describes my approach to the world of tea. (This is an oolong!) 📷 🫖

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