• My headspace hasn’t been in a good place these past few days. It feels like my mental cogs have turned into a transmission that’s slipping gears. I have a feeling I’ll be sitting by this river park more often, trying to figure it out.

  • The Monet Exhibit

    I took my mom yesterday to what we thought was an exhibit and visual art show about Monet. It ended up being just a powerpoint of biographies of major Impressionists, followed by sitting in a room while someone’s moving art collage project was displayed on the walls.

    We’d previously been to the Van Gogh exhibit by the same company, which was much better. There were several rooms with examples of his work arranged by time, with plaques explaining them in detail. The art collage project was much better done too, more focused and with better transitions. We enjoyed ourselves much more than this Monet exhibit. But hey, you don’t know until you try!

    Outside the Monet exhibit was this staircase filled with flowers, which I share as the best part of the experience.

  • Mental health day in progress. I’ve journaled for half an hour on the train. Something about the rhythm of the rails steers me closer to sanity.

  • Hey everyone: 1. Go to Google.com 2. Search for “cat”. 3. Click the paw icon. 4. Click anywhere in the window.

    Enjoy! 🐈

  • Note to bosses: never ok a vacation request first thing in the day. Your workers will spend all day researching flights instead of doing work. ✈️

  • I have found the perfect birthday card for my friend, and since they don’t read this blog, I can share it here!

  • The comedy night was just ok. I wasn’t impressed with the starters who thought offensiveness and edginess equaled laughs, and the energy didn’t recover after they’d left. Good beer, though! 🎭🍺

  • It’s the kind of hot day that makes you think, what the hell am I doing that outweighs a comedy night in a cool bar with beer?

  • I was planning on sticking to my diet…

  • “Gremlins never went away, they just became digital.” - From a work call today.

  • Walking Alec Soth

    I’m thinking of taking in the local Institute of Contemporary Art soon. This is a nice reminder of how to be in a museum and admire the works.

  • Act like you give a carp!

  • iOS, I am nowhere near my workplace, and I’d be done with work even if I was there. Why are you asking this of me now?

  • Just finished The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs. Outstanding. On top of great writing and an ability to make the reader as giddy with awe as he, Brusatte is humble about his own contributions and effusive in praise for his colleagues past and present, of all genders and specialities. His big heartedness is the shine that makes this enthralling book stand out. 🦕📚

  • Just had the opportunity to snuggle and pet a coffee-with-cream colored corgi! My day is brighter now. 🐕

  • I am unreasonably excited for my weekend bike trip. It’s just a drive to western Massachussetts and some bike trails, and maybe seeing some friends, but no, it’s a mental reset that’s very much needed. 🚲

  • Now that it’s finally concluded, let the binging of Obi-Wan Kenobi begin!

  • “To Hell With Postivity” - Found on my walk home from a meetup last night.

  • My favorite local bakery/cafe just won recognition of its union! I hope it inspires more local businesses to organize. ✊

  • You’d think at least one booth at this pride event would have a decent bisexual bracelet.

  • 70° in the shade, birds chirping, waiting in a friend to take a walk with.

  • Who needs metal mounting brackets when you have velcro? Now I can mount and I mount my baskets at will in just a few minutes, no panniers required! 🤘🚲

  • Biking in a city isn’t so bad, once you get used to it. You may even find some elements to be the same as driving.

    For example, my ability to hit every. Single. Bloody. Red. Light.

  • Apple and MLS to present all MLS matches for 10 years, beginning in 2023 - Apple

    The joy of this will be watching my Apple detesting, MLS loving friends squirm upon learning this. ⚽️

  • Jurassic World Dominion: I suppose they had to wrap it up somehow. The biblical plot references and Tim Cook lookalike villain were a little too on the nose, though. ⭐️⭐️📽

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